Stop Obsessing Over Emails

You’ve tried getting users’ emails in every possible way. But conversions keep getting lower & lower. Of course they are! Everbody wants emails! It’s exhausting! Try a new, better way! Stay ahead of competition!

Start Engaging Users, Not Annoying Them
Stop Obsessing Over Emails
There’s a better way to reach your visitors

Visitors are tired of subscribe boxes & pop-ups

Less Annoyance -> More Conversions

You’ve asked users for their email once, you asked them twice, you asked them so many times you can’t count all the pop-ups, subscribe boxes, and lead-magnets on your site? People have had enough! You can’t open a single site without being forced to enter your email. There’s a better way – communicate, don’t annoy! Pico is the new non-obtrusive way of interacting with visitors, finding out what they really need and getting more conversions.

Visitors are tired of subscribe boxes & pop-ups

Know Your Audience -> Segment & Retarget

Walk before you jump! Get to know your audience before you ask for their email. So that when you do you already know what they want, and they don’t feel like you’re skipping three steps in a relationship. Pico goes beyond emails. It gives you the power to customize content, marketing campaigns and the way you communicate with users based on them answering a few simple questions. Quality, not quantity is what drives results and segmenting visitors will get you results!

Visitors are tired of subscribe boxes & pop-ups

Simple is Better

Not only is Pico better for your visitors it’s also better for you! We know how frustrating it is to use services that require a manual and a week of trial & error to get to first results. There’s no nonsense like that with Pico! From registration to the first survey in two minutes – we guarantee it. Our team has worked hard to remove features. Yes! Remove them! Because by removing what you don’t need you’re left with a clean & functional tool that does its job well, without frustrating you.

Visitors are tired of subscribe boxes & pop-ups

Pico is in private beta. Be the first to get an account when we start letting more people in – early November 2018.

Pico can already be seen in the wild

Where can I see Pico Surveys in action?

Look for Pico in the lower left corner on the following sites:

After voting Pico will no longer show itself. No need, right? 🙂 If you want to reset your vote empty your browser’s localStorage.